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Project Description
The purpose of this project is to easily make entities that can be stored in SharePoint lists.
It helps people map their Entities to SharePoint Lists. It contains common classes and a baseclass that falicitates the use of it, implementing the basic CRUD operations

As I work as a developer / consultant I've done some projects.
Sooner or later I allways have to manipulate items in a SharePoint List.
Usually it's done like this:

SPList myList = web.Lists[Constants.MyList];
SPListItem myItem = myList.Items[1];
myItem[Constants.Fields] = "myNew value";

I wanted to use objects more like this:

Task myTask = new Task(web);
myTask.Title = "New Title";
myTask.Description = "My Description";

I've created the basic CRUD operations on a BaseClass and then use subclassing to specify the list and the fields.

Now I have Add, Update, Delete operations on all my entities that inherit from the base. To load the Entity I've added 3 LoadEntitity methods that accept either the ID, the SPListItem itself or a Query.

You should be able to use the Common Entities straight away, by referencing the DLL.

If you find any bugs or want to expand this little framework please let me know.

Kind regards,

Pascal Van Vlaenderen

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